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 Journaling Challenge

Created Just for You! 

Spiritual Circle Journaling


Connect with God in the time you do have! 

The Spiritual Circle Journal is a tool that breaks down a quiet time and teaches a more meaningful, focused, and fruitful prayer life. The result is a closer relationship with God and positive forward motion. And once you get the hang of it, you can do it in as little as 10 minutes! 

The journal uses bullet points in 9 designated prayer prompts. Its unique format helps you better notice God's movement and guidance in your daily life. It gives you a simple layout for processing your prayers on paper with the filter of God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The result is a always a more Spirit-led life that leads you to the things God created you in advance to do in each season of life.  

Ephesians 2:10 - For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Use this journal once a week or more to notice patterns and connect the dots of what God is doing in your life and to SEE how he is leading. 

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Get Your Journal

Spiritual Circle Journaling

Spiritual Circle Journaling is a fresh, simple, and fun way of meeting with God deeply that takes 10-15 minutes. If you can write a bullet point in a circle then you can do this! The beauty is the full-page format with nine prayer prompts in the same position so prayers/thoughts are ordered, repeated messages are seen, and you are able to connect-the-dots of what God is trying to do in your life. The result is a more Spirit-led life that leads to becoming who God made you to be and doing what He created you to do. 

This tool breaks down a quiet time and teaches one HOW to have a meaningful, focused, and fruitful prayer life that leads to revelation and action. It is great for those whose mind wanders. The innovative format makes jumping into any circle easy, and if you get interrupted, you can jump right back where you left off.  Use your journal once a week (or more) with your Bible and devotional book to revitalize your relationship with God. 

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FREE Chapter 1

Hear this fun interview and understand how the journal works!

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Spiritual Circle Journal Interview!

What journal users are saying...

"Thank you for creating the Spiritual Circle Journal! It has truly been a blessing. God has spoken to me so much through the prayers in my journal and I can see what He is doing in my life. Having this nice formatted book makes my prayer life more meaningful." 

Stacey Crabtree - Journal User & Retreat Organizer, AL

I love my Spiritual Circle Journal! 

Kortney Stanis

I so enjoy this way of connecting with God. It helps take you deep quick!  

Audrey Shaneyfelt

This is a great tool for guiding and structuring your time with God. It makes it easier and faster, but more meaningful! It is structured freedom. (The circles are the structure, the blank white page above the circles are the freedom and provides the space to keep going if you want to.)



This tool is very different than other journals. As Anita Lustrea, the co-host of MOODY RADIO's former Midday Connection show said, “Some hear the word journaling and they kind of tune out in their mind. They think, ‘Oh I have tried journaling. Can’t do it. It just isn’t for me.’ Well this is a different kind of journaling and this indeed may be for you.” 

Her co-host Melinda Schmidt contacted journal creator Liz Lassa within hours of her first time using it to schedule an interview. The listener response was extremely positive! Listen to that interview here.

This quote from a workshop attendee proves you don't have to be a journaler or writer to enjoy this prayer tool. She said, 

"I hate journaling and I love this!"  

How is the Journal Formatted? 


PART 1: A Mini-Book that includes...

  •      A circle key that describes what goes in each circle 
  •      A "to" and "from" gift page
  •      The "Only God" story of the journal 
  •      A sample journal entry 
  •      How to use this journal as a processing & retention tool with journaling tips
  •      A page for a custom cover
  •      A dream/vision and God-given goals pages 
  •      Two prayer cards and additional resources to help you grow spiritually.

PART 2: 90 blank circle journal pages with white pages above for notes, art, etc.

PART 3: 12 summary pages with explanations and samples

What are Summary Pages?

The journal concludes with twelve summary pages that can be used to group things such as Key Scriptures, Lessons Learned, or Connect-the-Dots stories.  You can make a page with all your favorite scriptures for this season on a Key Scriptures page. It is great to have all the gems of wisdom God has taught all on a few pages for easy reference on a Lessons Learned page. The Connect-the-Dots page tell our "Only God" stories and visibly illustrates how God was orchestrating. When seen is this obvious way, God gets ALL the credit! The journal includes sample pages to illustrate the three ways to use these pages. 

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 - My Story pg. 9 (free download)

CHAPTER 2 - Slowing Down to Notice God pg. 13

CHAPTER 3 - How to Use This Journal pg. 17

CHAPTER 4 - Journaling Formats (Longhand, Shorthand, Sample Journal Entries) pg. 21

CHAPTER 5 - Additional Resources pg. 27

CHAPTER 6 - Journal Pages (90 circle pages for journaling on 28 pound paper) pg. 33

CHAPTER 7 - 12 Summary Pages

The Kids/Teens Version

You have asked and it is here! The hope and prayer is that kids and teens love this amazing and fun design by children's book illustrator Jack Foster. The goal of this journal is to give them clear direction on HOW to have a deep and fulfilling quiet time from a young age. 

Parents, Christian school teachers, homeschool parents, and youth/ministry leaders are asked to help kids use their journal once a week to develop a meaningful quiet time habit that makes God more relevant and real in their lives than ever before. Liz's prayer is that they will start to feel Jesus as their friend from a young age, own their faith earlier, and crave their time with Him so it only increases over the years. 

What is different about the Kids/Teens?

This thinner version has a...

  • Custom Cover feature with clear cover to protect it
  • Picture Key at front for easy reference 
  • To and From page for gifting
  • 3-page Parent/Teacher/Leader guide
  • Personal Page for favorites and a selfie
  • Sample Journal Entry by a 12-year-old boy
  • 66 Journal Pages 
  • 66 blank white pages to get creative or paste things
  • 15 Summary Pages with a new character page feature
  • Wirebound with thick backing for easy writing.
To Order click here.

Here is a sample entry written by a 12-year-old boy. This journal is recommended for ages 8+, but younger kids can use it if you walk through it and write down their words. It is such a fun way to create deeper connecting and learning opportunities with your children.

Once they get the hang of it, you can use your adult version right beside them. Also, teachers and homeschool parents can make an entry a weekly assignment. Monday is a great day for this - while the spiritual food is fresh from church. As they look back over the year their spiritual growth will be very evident and God's care, provision, and guidance will be visible.

This journal has 4 talking prayer areas and 5 listening/learning prayer areas. Kids don't have to fill out all 9 prayer areas each time they use their journal. The listening/learning areas will help children get better at noticing God's movement in their life so they can move toward His plans and purposes for their lives.

If you have any questions or would like to buy them for special bulk pricing, please contact [email protected]

Jack Foster has illustrated over 50 children's books. He is a Christ follower, father of 5 great kids and grandfather of 13. He lives just outside Chicago with his lovely wife, Aleithia and a cat named Jasper. Visit his Mr. Biblehead blog for children by clicking here. Jack's work can be found at and books can be purchased by searching his name on Amazon.

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