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Liz Lassa


God does not mess around! He wanted to get the word out quick about the Spiritual Circle Journal! Within a few months of sharing the journal in a girlfriend's living room Liz appeared on National Moody Radio's former program called "Midday Connection" with Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt, along with Artist Tamara Peterson.  The response was great with journal orders being shipped all over the country. When the show needed to fill a spot later that fall they chose this interview to reair and again the response was wonderful. Hear the interview below. Praising God for his mighty hand in all of this! 

Hear this fun interview and understand how the journal works!

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Listen Here

Moody Radio with Host Nancy Turner

Artist Tamara Peterson and Liz appeared on "This is the Day" with host Nancy Turner to talk about Spiritual Art Journaling and Spiritual Circle Journaling. Meeting Nancy was a joy and the show producers made the day so special! 

Focus on The Family Mother's Day Download

Focus on the Family asked Liz to write their Mother's Day Devotional Download that incorporated the nine prayer circles of the Spiritual Circle Journal. She wrote twelve devotions and they made it beautiful for anyone who wanted to download it for free during the month of May in 2015. It was downloaded by about 4-5 thousand people. 


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