Meet Liz Lassa

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Meet Liz Lassa

Liz Lassa is a recovering perfectionist who is made more like Martha. She is learning to embrace how God has wired her AND God has taught her how to sit at His feet and listen well like Mary. The secret she has found is doing "God's good works" He created in advance for her to do (Eph 2:10) vs. just good works. Both are good, but the second is like "a yoke of slavery" (Galatians 5:1) that does not fit and wears her out. 


  • is the creator of the Spiritual Circle Journals 
  • is a Christian Life Purpose Coach 
  • is a "Listen to My Life" Life Maps Facilitator (www.onelifemaps.com)
  • is a Retreat Leader & Speaker (for the past 5 years)
  • is a past MOPS Coordinator who has been in women's ministry almost 10 years
  • has been a guest on national Moody Radio to talk about the journal
  • wrote the 2015 Focus on the Family Mother's Day Devotional Download, which incorporated the 9 prayer circles from the journal. 

Liz was brought up in a Christian home and came to know the Lord as a child when she prayed in the living room with her mother, a children's ministry leader. She loves studying God's Word and has been a member of Community Bible Study (CBS) for 7 of the past 11 years. Liz is the leader of the Chicago Area Speakers Group, has been a Christian book club leader and a small group leader. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband Jon, of 23 years, and their three children, ages 8, 14 and 17.

Her mission is to help encourage and inspire women to reach their divine calling, while creating Godly, loving home environments. As a coach she helps people uncover their God-Given purposes. Liz feels the human job description is to reflect God’s glory, but HOW one goes about doing that is very specific to each person. 

Liz attended the University of Florida where she graduated most outstanding Public Relations graduate with a major in Public Relations and a minor in business. She worked for the American Cancer Society as an Income Development Specialist, in private practice as the Practice Development Director for 6 physicians, and then was the Mid-Atlantic Regional Marketing Manager for a large corporation.

 Later in life, she went on to receive her coach training through Coach U, a two-year, international, accredited coach-training program. She began her coaching career working with small business owners, sales people, and professionals. Thirteen years ago God made it clear her calling is to help other people to their calling.

She read everything she could on life purpose, found the best assessments available, created a four-call process, and redirected her focus to put God-given goals/dreams at the center of her coaching. She ties together Life Purpose (the Sweet Spot), the Daily Little Things (the Spiritual Circle Journal, a tool that helps us see God's guidance), and God's Big Picture for your story ("Listen to My Life" Life Maps) to help people become who God made them to be and to do what He created them to do. Then she helps them GO FOR IT! 

See her statement of faith at the bottom of this page. Read her amazing story about this journal and this journey that she never saw coming by requesting chapter one of her journal for free hereSpeaking topics & services Liz offers include....

Finding God in the Chaos OR Tuning Into the Spirit

True transformation begins when we take time to be still with God, which is easier said than done. But what if you could connect deeply with God in just 10 minutes using a simple tool?...

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From Sparks to Flames! OR Free to be Me!

Has the God-given spark within you grown dim? Maybe that is because you don't know what lights you up...

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Lead Well & Love It!

This is the training Liz wished she had when she stepped into MOPS leadership! It is designed to prepare both new and seasoned leaders...

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Gossip Girl No More

Safe and loving community happens when we use our words to warm our world, and that starts with a gossip-free zone. But how do we create that? Join Liz...

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Day Retreats

Want a turnkey, day retreat for your ladies?  

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His Picture...both big & small

This day retreat ties the things Liz does best together. She helps people learn to discern God's daily, little leadings and connects the dots to the bigger picture. 

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Liz has several affordable life coaching packages to choose from to meet a variety of needs.

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Products for Sale

See what Liz has in the shop right now. Prayer cards make great inexpensive gifts for retreat bags, small groups, leadership teams, or family members. 

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I would love to hear from you. Please connect with me here, on social media or by email at [email protected] 

Liz Lassa's Statement of Faith

I believe the entire Bible is the divinely inspired Word and revelation of God.

I believe in the Trinity, which is made up of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I believe Jesus was born a virgin birth, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and was God manifested in the flesh.

I believe in salvation through Christ’s death on the cross as the Son of God. I believe in his physical resurrection from death and that he now presides at the right hand of the Father.

I believe that all are sinners, saved by grace, “not of works lest any man should boast” and that salvation is attained only by faith in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I believe that the power of the Holy Spirit dwells within Christ followers.

I believe in the Great Commission to evangelize the world.

I believe in the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to complete his saving work and establish His worldwide Kingdom on earth.

I believe that hell and heaven exist. I believe in a heaven of eternal bliss for believers who have placed their faith in Christ and eternal hell for those who choose not to believe in the saving work of Jesus Christ.

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